All we know that recently all the cryptocurrencies are exploding first of all is the bitcoin and Ethereum.

On February 10, the binance coin (BNB) has reached new score 148 USD. By the beginning of February, the BNB was only 48 USD and now it is 133 USD.  In less than a month she doubled the yield 200%. It’s just wonderful!

Let’s see the course of the fabulous BNB:
Course of Binance coin (BNB)
  Reasons Why the BNB is going up and predictions:
  1. BNB is a digital currency in which fees are paid on the largest and the big global platform in the world
  2. BNB gives you property in case you stored the coin (bespoke for the VIP clients). For example, you if you don’t have coin stored beside your idprofile you will find VIP0. And for the other clients who stored coins they have an account VIP1, VIP2….
  3. If you invite your other members, you will win money. it’s mean sponsorship!
  4. BNB compete the PayPal platform, because of the advantages which BNB presents compared with PayPal. That will kill it! 

According to the binance news ,by the end of the year 2021 they expect that the binance will reach 10 000 USD !!