The NFT is digital assets linked to the blockchain platform, but not like others cryptocurrencies. They have property that it’s not interchangeable with other digitals. And also, they can make the link between virtual and physical economies. And this with the technology of making a big market of digital assets which they can be collected and tradable.

The non-fungible tokens (NFT) are used in many applications that required just digitals articles like cryptocurrencies , digital collectibles and virtual gaming.

Its technology is popular thanks to the Cryptokitties. It is a Blockchain game on Ethereum created by a canadien team. Which the users can buy or sell virtual cats) .

According the news published by (leader Mondial of markets analysis) with cooperation of BNP Paribas; the Market of NFT tripled in 2020.It’s value increase with 299% to reach 250 million of dollars in total .

They observe that in the coming years, the non-fungible tokens (NFT) will become a leading emerging asset for the virtual economy. In terms of their practical uses and of financial value.

The analysis viewed the total value of all transactions of non-fungible tokens NFT including all sells and the others normal transactions ,like ‘breed’ and the ‘ Mint’. Goes from 62 862 687 USD in 2019 to 250 846 205 USD in 2020. It’s huge variation of the market! For this reason the Market of NFT has been tripled in 2020.

The biggest markets (especially Nike , Louis Vitton,NBA & Breitlin…) With making their virtual products use more and more the market of non-fungible tokens NFT, in order to create and develop consumer goods and services based on Non-Fungible Tokens.