Actions that influenced the Bitcoin in 2020 :

05 th March: Bank of England Governer attacks Bitcoin (BTC)

12th March : Global Pandemic announced by World Health Organization (WHO) which the cours of ( BTC) (decrease of Bitcoin’s Cours)

27th March : Trump sings 2 USD Trillion stimuls bill

13th April : 1,1 USD Billion transferred for a 0.72fee

18th April : Renaissance technologies begin trading futures 

7th May : Paul Tudor Jones invests as much as 400 USD M into BTC 

12th May : bTC halving 

  26th June : Grayscale buying bitcoin faster than it is being mined

14th October : 10 USD Billion Asset manager invests in BTC 

21th October : PayPal accept BTC 

5 th November : 15 000 for first time in 3 years

6th December: MicroStrategy goes into debt to buy more BTC 

16 thDecember : BTC enters price discovery 

21th December : Elon Musk asks Michael Saylor if big BTC buys are possible 

Actions in 2021 :

14 th January : Miami Mayor considers a bitcoins as investment

  18 th January: Former Canadian PM says ‘Bitcoin and CBDC may replace fiat’

20 th January: BlackRock hints to Bitcoin investment using futures 

8 th February : Tesla invests 1,5 USD Billion in BTC

10 th February :Twitter CEO Considering Bitcoin best investment