No Doubt, that you have read about the investment of the CEO Tesla 1,5 USD billion in Bitcoin. For this reason, the platform celebrates that, and the company saves 4 Tesla’s cars for his clients.

So! What are the criteria and how increase your chances?

The platform organized drawing by lot in order to win 4 cars Tesla (Tesla’s Models; S, X,Y,3) .Whether a value of 250 000 USD.

To participate in this sondage you must have an account in, and you must exchange at least 100 USD BTC in the application. Then the client who has made this exchange, the platform gives him a ticket for the drawing by lot.

The deadline of this sondage is until March 8th at 12 p.m

To increase your chances , all clients have the possibility to obtain 20  supplements tickets by staking CRO tokens :

Numbers of staking Cro5,000 CRO50,000 CRO500,0005,000,000 CRO
Numbers of  supp tickets261220