Kiklabb is a team of individuals,who help people if they want to set up a business project in Dubai. Their speciality is licensing,workspaces,visas,banking and more. Also Kiklabb is a free trade zone, it is a wealthy city in United Arab Emirates(UAE). And now Dubai Government Accept BTC, ETH, USDT. That’s mean Their economic will increase more and more by the use of cryptomonnaie as method of payments.

The city rent also offices for their clients ,at the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise liner anchored at Port Rashid in Dubai. For the payments of this rent and others. From now on, Dubai Government Accept Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Tether(USDT) as methods of payments. So that  will make more links with other investors in the entire world to set up in the UAE.And also encourage the custumers to invest anonymously in Dubai.

Tasawar Ulhaq,PDG of Kiklabb, said that the decision was declared in order to answer to the increase interest of cryptocurrency with lots of customers in blockchain and the financial technology field.

Previously, Kiklabb worked with announymous clients for the treatement of cryptos transactions. The PDG thinks that others govenment departments  will walk in the same strategy . And they will allow the payments with cryptos ( BTC, ETH, ADA, USDT…) by the years.


“We’re the first government owned licensing entity in the UAE to accept cryptocurrency payments – and certainly not the last. With the technology rapidly gaining traction across the Middle East, I’m eager to see how it changes the way we do business in the near future,” Tasawar Ulhaq aded

The best news is that :

This year, Dubai will use the blockchain technology for 50% of government transactions. That’s means , the Country will saves more 3 billion of dollars .

And Also , It’s meant that the world will opens the opportunity for cryptocurrencies user.